Mainstay Property Group maintains over 200 investor relationships—in all different capacities—from all over the world. With over $15 million in overall exposure, Mainstay’s investors are the cornerstone of ongoing business success. Stretching from Tel Aviv to New York City, investors everywhere understand the value Mainstay Property Group proposes, by providing superior risk-adjusted returns backed by a real asset.



Private lending is an extremely safe, clean-cut, and easy to understand method of investing in real estate. Mainstay Property Group borrows capital from private individuals in order to purchase and conduct construction on all projects. The lender is guaranteed monthly payments at a high return, while being secured by the real estate that their money was used to purchase. All loan documents are notarized and recorded in accordance with Indiana State Law, securing investing lenders to the highest possible degree. Having completed 100+ private lender transactions since 2013, Mainstay Property Group is well versed in providing a secured yield to its investors.


For the more sophisticated investor willing to take on additional risk, Mainstay also offers joint venture deal structures, allowing for a high potential profit yield to the investing partner. Joint Venture partnerships usually exceed $125,000 in an initial investment, and include Mainstay acquiring an undervalued asset, managing all construction, and facilitating the sale of the asset. If a project is funded by the investor, the net proceeds of the project are divided via an agreed upon profit split at closing. While the investor is not secured via a promissory note or mortgage as in the private lending vehicle, the investor stands to make a sizable return on their investment, all while utilizing the expertise of Mainstay Property Group.


Evan Manship, Principal and founder of Mainstay Property Group, oversees all investor relations for the firm. Working directly with investors to understand their risk profile and long term goals, Evan engages both private debt investors and joint venture partners on projects that best meet their needs. Evan and his team are also responsible for weekly reporting, updating all investors as to the current status of their investment.


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